Friday, May 10, 2019

Central Queensland Gliding Club

Operating from McMaster Field off the Burnett Highway at Dixalea, just south of Dululu in Central Queensland (approximately 80km from Rockhampton), the Central Queensland Gliding Club (CQGC) is said to have been flying for a very long time and provide the region with a range of services associated with gliding.

With conditions at Dixalea providing ideal soaring weather for a great part of the year, the club owns the airfield they operate from, with take-offs and landings performed from a 1,700 metre long grass / gravel strip aligned 06/24. To ensure comfort for flyers and visitors - a clubhouse, bunkhouse, caravan park and hangarage are all available.

On a flying day, visitors are invited to come along and have a look or even climb aboard one of the modern gliders to enjoy the thrill of silent flight above the beautiful scenery of Central Queensland. 

Additionally, the club offers Training Introductory Flights (TIFs) for people interested in learning to fly with experienced instructors qualified to train anyone, from new students with no previous aviation experience, to seasoned commercial pilots looking for some weekend adventure.

Of interest, Air Experience Flights are also available for those who would like to accompany club members in the air just for the fun of it.

To learn more about the Central Queensland Gliding Club, their official website can be located by clicking onto the following link :

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Air Queensland.blogspot would like to thank Central Queensland Gliding Club member and pilot, Ash Burggraaff, for allowing us to obtain all photos from the club's associated Facebook and Flickr page.