Monday, March 09, 2020

Gladstone Helicopters

Gladstone Helicopters incorporating sister company, Mackay Helicopters, are members of the Aviator Group which itself and associated companies operate a mixed fleet of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters from bases in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Aviator Group operations include Search & Rescue (SAR), Marine Pilot Transfer, Tourism, Executive Charter, Utility, Contract Services, Electronic News Gathering as well as Film and Photographic work.

The Gladstone Helicopters operation at Gladstone Airport has been operating since 2011 from a modern hangar on Callemondah Drive, and while the company once provided passenger transfers to Heron Island and general charter duties including scenic flights, now solely specialises in Marine Pilot Transfers to off-shore ships bound for Gladstone Harbour as part of a Maritime Safety Queensland contract on behalf of the Queensland Government.

Gladstone Helicopters also provide anchorage transfer services to those vessels awaiting berthing at the port with spare parts, provisions and crew transfers all handled. Aviator Group :