Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Old Station Fly-in & Heritage Show 2015 - Light aircraft galore (pt.1)

When it comes to an abundance of light aircraft, the overwhelming majority of them privately owned, The Old Station Fly-in & Heritage Show is no different to many other fly-in's and attract them in large numbers. For aviation enthusiasts and planespotters alike, this is only a good thing.
As the first of two posts, we will take a look at a small selection of lighties sighted at the 2015 event and includes Just Aircraft Super STOL 19-8530 which demonstrated it's very unique Short Take-off and Landing capability by almost hovering before stalling.
To view pt.2, click onto the link below :
Just Aircraft Super STOL 19-8530. 

Beechcraft 58 Baron VH-MDK.

Beechcraft F33A Bonanza VH-LXN. 

Rutan Long-Ez VH-LEJ.