Thursday, January 04, 2018

Planespotting - Hervey Bay Airport - Australasian Jet Cessna 206H Stationair VH-FEN and VH-XBF

Presumably on behalf of Ergon Energy, conducting aerial survey work out of Hervey Bay / Fraser Coast Airport for several days during the middle part of December was Australasian Jet ROAMES Cessna 206H Stationair VH-FEN and VH-XBF, however, we are unable to confirm exactly when the Ausjet Stationair's arrived or how long they operated in the region.

But, what we can confirm is VH-XBF suffered an unfortunate incident during this time resulting in a partially collapsed nose-wheel while landing after completing an aerial survey mission. The extent of damage and how long the aircraft remained (or remains) out-of-service is not known.

Of interest, ROAMES is Ergon Energy’s Remote Observation Automated Modelling Economic Simulation technology which employs geospatial mapping techniques with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and cloud computing capabilities.

Compiled at sub centimetre-level accuracy, complex 3D objects like structures, utility poles, attachments and wires, trees and streetlights are produced at scale and visible within the virtual world.

Additional information about ROAMES can be found at :

Partially collapsed nose-wheel - photo by John Harrison

Meanwhile, Bundaberg planespotter Dan B has forwarded more photos, this time featuring Bontrail / Stahmann Farms Cessna 208 Caravan VH-SJJ captured soon after making a morning arrival at the rum city from Toowoomba on Thursday 21 December.

Spending most of the day parked at Bundaberg, VH-SJJ eventually departed back to it's Toowoomba base during the afternoon.