Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Planespotting at Gympie Aerodrome

Gympie Aerodrome (YGYM) serves the community of Gympie and surrounding area and is located off the Bruce Hwy about 12km south of the township. Gympie itself is located approximately 170km north of Brisbane. 
Owned and operated by the Gympie Region, a local government in the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland - Gympie Aerodrome is the home to Pro-Sky Flight Training (Gympie), The Recreational Flying Company Pty Ltd, Gympie Soaring Club, Gympie Aero Club, Gympie Aircraft Maintenance and a number of privately owned hangars that house locally based aircraft.   
Supporting the aerodrome is an asphalt runway (14/32) measuring 1400m / 4600ft in length and a 596m / 1955ft grass strip (03/21). Additionally, Avgas is available as well as basic amenities and while no landing charges apply, a very modest parking fee is applicable for aviators remaining overnight.