Friday, December 14, 2018

RAAF Base Amberley Gate Guard - General Dynamics F-111C A8-138

As the General Dynamics F-111 Fighter-Bomber is among the most familiar and popular military aircraft of all time, an introduction of the aeroplane is unnecessary, however, will highlight A8-138 is one of thirteen retired Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) F-111s preserved in aviation museums and RAAF air bases. 

Unfortunately, remaining airframes were disposed (buried) at a Swanbank landfill. 

The preserved machines consist of twelve F-111C's and a single F-111G, and while twelve of the fighter-bombers remain on Australian soil, a single example (F-111C A8-130) was shipped to Pacific Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA. 

Of interest, A8-138 was accepted into service by the RAAF in 1973 after sitting idle in the United States for a number of years while concerns with the design of the F-111 were resolved, and operated until retirement in 2010. 

While A8-138 may no longer be a flying machine with the RAAF, the aircraft still proudly remains on duty as Gate Guard at RAAF Base Amberley, near Ipswich, Queensland.  





Thursday, December 06, 2018

R-Mach Aviation Cessna 337G Super Skymaster VH-JOE

R-Mach Aviation is a Rockhampton based, family owned company offering a professional and fully self-supported aerial agricultural service including the capacity to assist fire-fighters with fire-spotting and bombing platforms when called upon.

Aerial agricultural services offered by R-Mach Aviation includes weed / pest eradication, fertilising, herbicide, spreading, spraying, baiting (rat, mice, dingo) and seeding.

Helping to provide a fire-fighting, fire-spotting and search & rescue (SAR) capacity is Cessna 337G Super Skymaster VH-JOE, or more commonly known as 'Birddog 410'. VH-JOE is an identical aircraft to Archerfield based, Aero Performance Cessna 337G Super Skymaster VH-JOC.

During seasons when bush fires in Central Queensland (and Queensland in general) are less likely, VH-JOE can often be found working afield, sometimes as far away as South Australia with scenic flight operators.  

Manufactured in 1977 and powered by a pair of Teledyne-Continental IO-360, 6-cylinder engines - VH-JOE is capable of cruising at 170 knots, obtain a service ceiling of 16300ft, and achieve an approximate range when empty of 1140nm (2110km).

Of interest, because the 'push-pull' engine configuration of the Cessna 337 provides 'centre-line-thrust', the design reportedly resolves asymmetric handling problems of twin engine aircraft during 'engine-out' situations.

For enquires or more information, R-Mach Aviation can be contacted by ringing (07) 4921 1525 / (07) 4928 9888 / mob 0427 473 176 or by visiting their website at :