Saturday, December 17, 2016

Amateur Built Supermarine Spitfire Mk.26 VH-DLH to conduct test flights at Maryborough Airport

While information is limited at the time of posting, and we hope to learn more shortly, it appears there will be a World War II era, 80% replica Spitfire temporarily based at Maryborough Airport while a number of test flights are conducted over the next week or so.

Powered by an Isuzu 3.5 V6 petrol engine (6VE1), identical to the units fitted under the bonnet of Holden Rodeo utilities for a number of years in the 1990's, Amateur Built Supermarine Spitfire Mk.26 VH-DLH was assembled by a farmer who lives near Maryborough, and completed it's maiden flight when the aircraft was flown from the farmers property to Maryborough Airport.

Of interest, VH-DLH is painted in the same colours and markings as the farmer's WWII namesake, John Kellman.

For readers who may be interested to learn more about replica Spitfire kits that are produced by Supermarine Aircraft for completion by amateur builders, and technical detail about the available aircraft, you will find the following link of interest :   

All photo's contributed by David Geck of Maryborough Aviation Services.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

GSL Aviation - Whitsunday Airport

GSL Aviation is a north Queensland based airline providing a range of charter, scenic and transfer flights from Cairns and Shute Harbour / Whitsunday Airport to anywhere along the Cape York Peninsula and Gulf of Carpentaria, as well as parts of the Great Barrier Reef and The Whitsundays including Hamilton Island.

Air Queensland.blogspot was fortunate to visit GSL Aviation at Whitsunday Airport some time ago, and if our observation is anything to judge-by, was thoroughly impressed with not only how immaculately clean the aircraft are maintained and particular attention to detail invested by the pilots while conducting daily / pre-flight checks, but the professional nature of the staff. 

At Shute Harbour / Whitsunday Airport, GSL Aviation operates from the main passenger terminal which includes their own check-in counter and seating. Naturally, the terminal is air conditioned to ensure comfort during the warmer months, and a cafĂ© is located in an adjacent part of the building.    

To provide a means to uplift and transfer passengers, GSL Aviation operates a modest fleet of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft comprising of Cessna 208 Caravans, GippsAero GA-8 Airvans, a single Cessna 206 & Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain, and Robinson R44 helicopters.

To learn more about GSL Aviation or enquire about making a booking, their official website can be located at :

GSL Aviation can also be found on Facebook :

Alternatively, pick-up the phone and dial 1300 475 247.


Thursday, December 08, 2016

Air Queensland commences flying training and private aircraft hire at Bundaberg

With the recent closure of Hinkler Flying School, and flying training no longer provided by Bundaberg Aero Club, Queensland based flying training school and charter company - Air Queensland - have decided to expand their operations at Redcliffe and Caloundra to include Bundaberg in an effort to provide local student pilots, and licensed pilots, an avenue to continue flying at the rum city.

In conjunction with the Bundaberg Aero Club, Air Queensland is now providing flying training (incl. RA-Aus) and private aircraft hire at Bundaberg Airport, however, aniticipate to ramp-up local operations in January 2017, which will include moving into the Bundaberg Aero Club building, and relocating additional aircraft to the city.

While finer detail is still being determined, and more information will be released in due time, it is expected Air Queensland will provide the 'flying' element, and Bundaberg Aero Club manage the 'social' aspect, of the joint venture.

Of interest, Air Queensland operates a variety of RA-Aus and VH registered single and twin-engine aircraft including (but not limited too) Sling, Tecnam, Jabiru, Cessna and Piper aircraft.

To learn more about Air Queensland, feel free to visit their website at :

Additionally, more information about flying training and private aircraft hire at Bundaberg can be obtained by either forwarding an email to : or ringing Trevor Fisch on (07) 4156 1075.

Photo's of Tecnam P92 24-8228 contributed by Micah S.