Friday, January 30, 2015

Air Fraser Island / AeroCommute

Air Fraser Island is a family owned and operated, award winning air charter and scenic aerial tours company based in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

For many, Air Fraser Island is uniquely known for providing passenger transfers to the nearby tourist destination of Fraser Island and using the fabulous beaches as a landing strip for thier Gipps Aero GA8 Airvans. With large windows and high wings, the Airvan is an ideal platform for providing scenic views of the world below.

Air Fraser Island also provides day trips and overnight packages incorporating 4x4 hire to the World Heritage listed island as well as scenic flights from Hervey Bay and off the beaches on Fraser Island.

During the traditional Humpback Whale northern migration period between August and October each year, scenic flights to witness these truly magnificent marine animals is another Air Fraser Island specialty.

Through thier aligned company, AeroCommute, Air Fraser Island also provides an Australia wide and Fly-in / Fly-out (FIFO) air charter operation including the convenience for tourists to plan thier very own adventure with the ability to visit several destinations of interest.

It is worth noting that businesses utilise AeroCommute for various tasks with the flexibility of a pilot being on standby for all flights. Staff transfers to mines or tourist transfers to most destinations in Australia including outback towns means AeroCommute could just as well be the ideal company to suit your needs.

To learn more about Air Fraser Island, contact them on (07) 4125 3600 or by visiting thier official website at :

Air Fraser Island can also be found on FB :

Alternatively, AeroCommute can be contacted on 1300 172 706 or by visiting thier dedicated website at :

Powered by a single 300 HP (220 Kw) Textron Lycoming IO-540-K1A5, 6 cylinder, air-cooled piston engine - the GippsAero GA8 Airvan is manufactured in Victoria, Australia, by GippsAero (formerly Gippsland Aeronautics), a member of the Mahindra Group of companies.

The GA8 Airvan was designed to fulfill a perceived niche market that fits between the Cessna 206 and Cessna 208 models and predominately used as a platform to transfer passengers / tourist aswell as freight, sightseeing, parachuting, observation and search & rescue missions.

Todate, well over 200 GA8 Airvans have been produced and delivered to customers throughout the world. 


The GA8 Airvan is capable of accommodating seven passengers (plus a pilot), cruise at 120 knots (222 km/h, 138 mph), achieve an approximate range of 1352 km (840 miles) and certified to a service ceiling 20000 ft (6096 m). 
One GA8 Airvan, VH-BYI, became the first Australian designed and manufactured aircraft to fly around the world, raising funds for malaria awareness. It was piloted by Australian pilots Ken Evers and Tim Pryse, who took off from Bendigo on 08 May 2010, and returned safely 27 675 nautical miles, 263 flight hours and 62 days later.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Airservices Australia

Airservices Australia is an Australian Government owned corporation, responsible for providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry such as air traffic control, airways navigation, communication facilities and aeronautical data within the Australian Flight Information Region (FIR) aswell as airport fire fighting and rescue services.

Employing more than 4000 staff, approximately 1000 personnel are dedicated to air traffic control alone working from two major centres, one in Melbourne and another in Brisbane, aswell as 29 towers at international and regional airports across Australia.

Of interest, Australian airspace covers approximately 11 per cent of the earth’s surface and includes that over continental Australia, territorial waters and international boundaries over the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Airservices Australia also manages upper-level airspace (above 30 000 ft) under contract to the neighbouring Pacific Island Flight Information Regions of the Solomon Islands and Nauru.

With approximately 500 navigational aids throughout the country, Airservices Australia is tasked with testing and calibrating these vital pieces equipment on a three-year rotational basis to ensure they remain within the required high tolerances.

Equipment checked include distance measuring equipment (DMEs), VHF Omni-directional range transmitters, non-directional beacons and approach lighting while instrument landing systems (ILS) are tested every six months.

Using three-dimensional laser measuring equipment and GPS technology, information from the navaid is relayed to an aircraft and interpreted by specialist aircrew. The data is then analysed by Airservices maintenance engineers to ensure each navaid is operating accurately.

Based in Brisbane, a dedicated Airservices Flight Inspection Service (FIS) team is responsible for the necessary navaid inspections and utilise two near-new, purposely equipped Hawker Beechcraft B350 Super King Airs (VH-FIY and VH-FIZ) under lease from AeroPearl, sister company to Pearl Aviation.






Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Australia by Seaplane - Gladstone Airport

Based at Gladstone Airport and predominately used to provide passenger transfers between the port city and Heron Island is Australia by Seaplane de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Mk1 VH-IDO, and is often supported by Cessna U206 Floatplane VH-FKS.

Both aircraft can also be chartered for scenic flights of Lake Awoonga, Gladstone Harbour, Boyne Island / Tannum Sands, the Collosseum, Mt Larcom, Curtis Island, Facing Island and many other locations of interest in the area. Extended flights capable of taking in the sights of Great Keppel Island, 1770 / Agnes Waters, or beyond can also be arranged.
For information, passengers can be collected from and delivered to many waterways throughout the region, and all flights only operate if weather and tidal conditions permit. Passengers are also familiarised with the aircraft during a preflight safety briefing.

Manufactured in 1964 and powered by a Pratt & Whitney Canada R-985 Wasp Junior, 9-cylinder radial piston engine, VH-IDO is fitted with six seats to accommodate one pilot and five passengers. VH-FKS was manufactured in 1976, is powered by a Teledyne-Continental, IO-520, 6-cylinder piston engine, and configured to seat four people (one pilot / three passengers).

For more information, Australia by Seaplane can be contacted on (07) 4972 1940, or by visiting their website at :