Sunday, December 04, 2016

Royal Australian Air Force Boeing 737-700 (BBJ) A36-002 visits Bundaberg

Presumably while conducting a crew training flight on Saturday, 03 December 2016, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing 737-700 (BBJ) A36-002 made a fuel stop at Bundaberg before continuing onwards.

Departing from No.34 Squadron at RAAF Base Fairbairn, Canberra, A36-002 visited Coffs Harbour before flying further north to Bundaberg. Upon taking onboard over 5400 litres of Jet A1 fuel, A36-002 departed back to Canberra via Tamworth.

It is understood sistership A36-001 flew an indentical crew training flight on Friday, December 02.

In this post, you will note a couple of photo's have been captured and presented differently as local planespotter, Micah S, took an opportunity to trial a number of different settings on the camera.        

All photo's contributed by Micah S.