Thursday, May 23, 2019

General Aviation Maintenance (GAM) - Southern and Central Queensland Freight Ops

General Aviation Maintenance (GAM) is an Essendon Airport, Victoria, based operation comprising of GAMair, General Aviation Maintenance (GAM), DC3 Australia, Commander Air and Reefwatch Air Tours.

However, GAM has a dedicated fleet of Aero Commander 500-S and Fairchild Dornier 228-200 aircraft based at Brisbane Airport to service a range of charter and freight contracts in southern and central Queensland.

Some of the more notable freight runs currently awarded to GAM that operate each weekday consist of the following :

* Brisbane - Maryborough - Bundaberg - Gayndah and return via the same stops in reverse.

An aircraft generally departs Brisbane during the earlier hours of the morning and remains parked at Gayndah until late afternoon.

* Brisbane - Dalby - Roma - Charleville and return via the same towns but includes a stop at Toowoomba.

Again, an Aero Commander 500-S makes an early morning departure from Brisbane and remains parked at Charleville until mid-afternoon.

* Emerald - Barcaldine - Longreach and return.

This was once operated by Advance Aviation, but when the Emerald based company was placed into administration in March 2016, was awarded to GAM.

* A more recent contract awarded to GAM over incumbent Toll Aviation is the Brisbane - Biloela / Thangool - Emerald - Rockhampton - Brisbane service.

Departing each weekday morning, an Dornier 228-200 aircraft flys to Emerald via Thangool where it remains parked for the day until making a late afternoon / early evening flight back to Brisbane, via Rockhampton Monday and Friday.

General Aviation Maintenance :