Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Planespotting from Aldinga Airfield with Phil Munsel Photography (pt.2)

As reported in part one, Phil Munsel Photography of Rockhampton recently returned from a family holiday to South Australia, and while exploring the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, took an opportunity to enjoy some planespotting at Aldinga Airfield.
To continue with our three-part post focussing on some of the sightings captured by Phil during his time at Aldinga Airfield, here are more up-n-close photo's of aircraft only moments before landing on the narrow bitumen runway.
Of interest, Phil made a special mention about Adelaide Biplanes and a lovely little café that serves great coffee amongst other offerings :
If you are not familiar with Aldinga Airfield, the following link should bring you up to speed :   
Many thanks to Phil Munsel Photography for allowing us to share these magnificent photo's, and stay tuned for part three very shortly.
Cessna 172N VH-CEY.
American Champion Super Decathlon (8KCAB) VH-IYA.
Cessna 172S VH-WHB.
All photo's contributed by Phil Munsel.