Monday, January 12, 2015

Rockhampton Aero Club

The Rockhampton Aero Club is located on the General Aviation (GA) side of Rockhampton Airport with the aero club building situated on the General Aviation access road which is off Canoona Road.
The Rockhampton Aero Club was first formed in 1930 as Rockhampton Aerial Services and started flight training with a de Havilland Gypsy Moth. Following a period of inactivity during the Second World War, the club was reformed in 1947 and purchased surplus Tiger Moths in 1951.
Today, the club operates a fleet of single and twin-engined aircraft in a variety of roles which includes flying training, general air charter, scenic flights, search and rescue and aerial advertising.
Operating from of a number of buildings since it's inception, the aero club moved into its current premises in 2003 and it is worth noting for enthusiasts that on the first Friday of each month commencing at 5pm, the club holds a BBQ giving people the chance to chat with the local pilots, instructors and committee members. 
For further information about flying training, charter flights and scenic tours - the Rockhampton Aero Club can be contacted on (07) 4922 4596 / 0427 224 596 or by visiting their website at :  

Beechcraft 58 Baron VH-KCN is readily available for either flying training or general charter work.
Manufactured in 1977 and powered by a pair of Teledyne-Continental, IO-520, 6-cylinder engines - VH-KCN can cruise at 180 knots and comfortably accommodate 6 people (1 pilot, 5 passengers).

As VH-KCN is not pressurised, maximum cruising altitude is restricted to 10 000ft however this can be increased to approximately 16 000 - 18 000ft if oxygen supply is carried onboard.

Cessna 150G VH-RZN has seating for two occupants, a cruise speed of 90kts and said to be the ideal plane to introduce people to flying. Alternatively, VH-RZN can be privately hired by appropiately licenced pilots.
A pilot currently employed by Qantas flying A330 aircraft for the carrier reportedly began his flying career when he gained experiance in VH-RZN.
Although privately owned by a third party, Pilatus Britten-Norman BN2A-8 Islander VH-SLM (or more commonly known as "SLIM " to the locals) has a long association with the Rockhampton Aero Club having now been leased by the Rockhampton based flying school and air charter company for approximately 20 years.
During this time, "SLIM" has been used for various tasks including that of flying training, general air charter, scenic flights, passenger / tourist transfers and freight carriage.

Manufactured in 1969, VH-SLM is powered by a pair of Textron-Lycoming 0-540, 6-cylinder piston engines enabling an approximate cruise speed of 135 knots.

Versatile by design, the Pilatus Britten-Norman is an adaptable aircraft given the fact it can be configured in an all passenger layout (upto 10 people including pilot), part-passenger / part-cargo (combi) or dedicated cargo all while being able to land and take-off from prepared or unprepared airstrips.

Cessna 172P VH-XUI has seating for four occupants and is capable of cruising at 105kts.
Manufactured in 1976, VH-MEN is powered by a single Textron-Lycoming 0-320, 4-cylinder piston engine allowing the aircraft to cruise at approximately 120 knots.
VH-MEN is configured to comfortably seat upto 4 people including the pilot.
Manufactured in 2003, VH-ZDX is powered by a Textron-Lycoming IO-360, 4-cylinder piston engine enabling the Skyhawk to cruise at approximately 125 knots.
VH-ZDX is configured to comfortably seat upto 4 people including the pilot.
Manufactured in 1979 and powered by a Teledyne-Continental IO-520, 6-cylinder piston engine enabling the aircraft to cruise at approximately 170 knots, VH-SOV can accommodate upto 6 people including the pilot although when configured to seat 4 people, provides extra comfort and additional baggage/cargo capacity.