Thursday, July 02, 2015

Atlas Air Boeing 747-400 N465MC visits Rockhampton Airport (pt.1)

It was with great interest to observe the arrival of Atlas Air Boeing 747-400 N465MC at Rockhampton Airport on Thursday, July 02.   
In preparation for military exercise "Hamel" in conjunction with "Talisman Saber 2015" (for the first time, Japan and New Zealand will participate), the jumbo jet sporting a very attractive livery touched-down at the beef capital from Hickam Field, Honolulu, USA as GTI8005.
By my own observation, it appears N465MC ferried personnel and supporting equipment for the up-n-coming wargames at Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA). Given the relative close proximity of Rockhampton, the city plays host as an important logistical hub.  
Part 2 of "Atlas Air Boeing 747-400 N465MC visits Rockhampton Airport" can be located by clicking onto the link below :