Monday, February 16, 2015

Tecnam P2008 VH-IBO (Demonstrator) at Rockhampton Aero Club

Positioned at Rockhampton Airport from Friday, July 01 - Sunday, July 03 2014 as a demonstrator by Tecnam Australasia inconjunction with the Rockhampton Aero Club was a particular Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) in the form of Tecnam P2008 VH-IBO. This aircraft has also performed the duties as a 'demonstrator' in New Zealand.

Manufactured by Costruzione Aeronautiche Tecnam, Italy - the P2008 is a conventially laid-out, strut braced high wing monoplane powered by an 100hp Rotax 912S, 4-cylinder piston engine driving a two blade propeller.

The cabin seats two side-by-side with a door each side and baggage space behind.

As a first for Tecnam, the P2008 introduced the use of major composite components by the company as the fuselage is manufactured of carbon fibre. The wings and tailplane however remain an all-metal construction.

Discussions with a Tecnam Australasia Representative highlighted the P2008 can comfortably cruise at 107 - 110 knots coupled with endurance of approximately 5 hours, excluding reserves.

More information about Tecnam Australasia and the P2008 can be found by clicking onto the following link :

Additionally, Australian has published a comprehensive Test Flight review about the Tecnam P2008 :

Air Queensland.blogspot would like to thank Tecnam Australasia and Rockhampton Aero Club pilot and member, Paul Tyler, for allowing access to this very lovely and immaculately presented aircraft.