Sunday, April 05, 2015

Aerial photography with Pro-Sky Flight Training Group

While enjoying an RA-Aus flying training lesson at Gladstone with Pro-Sky Maryborough aboard Evektor Sportstar 24-8995 in May 2014, Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) Russell Middleton and I took turns in capturing a number of photo's from overhead Gladstone and surrounding area, particuarly on the northern side of Curtis Island.
However, please bare-in-mind that on the day it was extremely hazy. In fact, it was among the most hazy days in recent months because of windy conditions which subsequently made capturing higher quality images almost impossible.
Now that RA-Aus flying training has come to an end and since been awarded an appropriate Pilots Certificate, I will occasionally share aerial photography posts and joy flight reports at Air Queensland.blogspot.

To learn more about RA-Aus flying training with Pro-Sky Flight Training Group at Bundaberg, Childers, Gympie or Maryborough - click onto the link below :