Friday, May 20, 2016

RACQ / Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (CHRS) Bell 412EP VH-EPR visits Tannum Sands State School

The crew of Rockhampton Airport based RACQ / Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (CHRS) took time-out from their normal routine on Friday, May 20 and ventured south to the twin township of Boyne Island / Tannum Sands, near Gladstone, for a promotional visit to Tannum Sands State School.

Making a mid-morning arrival on a glorious autumn day, the primary school students were estatic to witness the chopper touch-down on the oval before being greeted by the flight crew of Bell 412EP VH-EPR.

Rotating in two large groups of students, the promotional visit not only provided an opportunity for young kids to learn about what is involved with rescuing people in distress, but equally about the operations of the helicopter and crew members themselves.

Afterwards, students were allowed to take a walk-around tour of the chopper (and naturally had many questions to ask) before being relocated to the outer boundry of the oval where they could safely watch the helicopter depart.

Of interest, the RACQ / Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (CHRS) is a rapid response rescue unit that is able to despatch medical or rescue teams to those in need as well as provide an airborne intensive care unit to transfer critically injured or ill patients to a more appropiate medical facility or conduct a search and rescue mission.
To operate the RACQ / Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (CHRS), 40% of required funding comes from the Queensland Government while the remaining 60% is funded through donations and proceeds from the public. Needless to say, the aeromedical and rescue service (CHRS) deeply appreciates all fundraising efforts and extremely appreciative of the donations from the Creed family after holding the annual Old Station Fly-In & Heritage Show at Raglan, Central Queensland.
Since 2013, Australian Helicopters has been the provider of three Bell 412 helicopters in support of  Mackay Airport based Central Queensland Helicopter Rescue Service (CQRS) and Rockhampton Airport based Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (CHRS).