Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Australian Army Blackhawks transit Bundaberg

Based at Rockhampton Airport for two weeks while participating in combined military exercise Talisman Saber 2017, six Australian Army Sikorsky S-70A-9 Blackhawk helicopters of 171st Aviation Squadron departed the beef capital for the final time on Wednesday 19 July, bound for their home base at Holsworthy Barracks near Sydney.

However, the utility choppers were only in the air for a relatively short period before landing at the rum city to take onboard fuel, and local planespotter Micah S was on hand to capture the moment, an occasion described as the most memorable he had personally experienced at Bundaberg Airport.

Touching down on Runway 14, the Blackhawks taxied and parked on the northern half of the RPT apron.

Once refuelled, and crew as well as some were observed purchasing 'munchies' at the terminal cafĂ©, the six Blackhawk helicopters departed Bundaberg for Oakey Army Aviation Centre near Toowoomba, and were heard using radio callsigns 'Nemesis 31' and 'Nemesis 32'.

While observing the activity at Bundaberg Airport, Micah also took time to note details of each chopper : A25-110 'Apocalypse', A25-112 'Saracen', A25-203 'Endeavour', A25-214 'Tempest', A25-218 'Invincible', and A25-225 'Optimus'. 

Air Queensland would like to sincerely thank Micah S for not only taking time to capture and send through these magnificent photos, but provide detail about the visiting Blackhawk helicopters, greatly appreciated.      




All photos contributed by Micah S