Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ex Talisman Saber 2017 with Ash Burggraaff

Exercise Talisman Saber is a biennial Australia / United States mid-intensity "high end" warfighting exercise, and is primarily conducted to improve combat training, readiness and interoperability across a wide spectrum of military activities while reflecting the closeness of the Australian / US alliance and ongoing military-military relationship. 

Additionally, Talisman Saber forms part of the extensive training program for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to ensure the Australian military is prepared to protect and support the nation and national interests.

Boosting the ranks in 2017 were elements from the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), building on invaluable experience gained from their inaugural participation in TS'15.

Historically, Talisman Saber exercises have attracted considerable media attention, and 2017 has proven no exception with a number media organisations, government and privately managed websites & facebooks pages, as well as general interest from the community, military enthusiasts, planespotters and photographers alike following intently.

Among keen followers in Rockhampton has been local photographer, Ash Burggraaff, and takes advantage when time allows to capture some of the action at Rockhampton Airport and adjacent defence support facility, Camp Rocky.

As often highlighted at our Facebook page, Ash B shares his photography via a personal Flickr portfolio :
,however, we have also taken an opportunity to post a selection of his magnificent photo's at Air Queensland.blogspot.

All photos contributed by Ash Burggraaff Photography