Thursday, August 20, 2015

AeroLink EMB-110P2 Bandeirante VH-OZF remains parked at Maryborough Airport

While visiting Maryborough Airport recently, it was noted ex-AeroLink Air Services Embraer EMB-110P2 Bandeirante VH-OZF remains parked at the aerodrome and looking rather tired.
VH-OZF positioned from New South Wales to Maryborough, Queensland a number of years ago to receive attention by a local maintenance company however the owner of the bandit reportedly suffered financial hardship resulting in the aircraft being parked where it has since remained deteriorating in the elements.
I have been advised VH-OZF's flying career is well and truly over and now meerly used as a source for spare parts. Apparently the wings remain in reasonable condition.
How much longer will this once loved Bandeirante remain at Maryborough Airport ? ... your guess is as good as any. Perhaps one day VH-OZF will find a home at the Queensland Air Museum.